Hello neighbor! My name is Bob Moriarty and I am looking forward to serving as your Community Maintenance Coordinator (CMC). This webpage is intended to introduce you to our initial plan to properly care for the community’s structures, systems, and amenitie, as set forth in our rules and bylaws. Below is a description of the process and some details on how the Association will work with you to serve your maintenance and repair needs.


Research and maintain a list of recommended contractors to accomplish Association-funded M&R (and pass these names to Unit Owners for individual Unit Owner jobs).

TBD Items:


Contact Info:
Email: Bob Moriarty

For Emergencies only Call: 860-993-7296

for all other inquires please email me at bobremco@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: The Association’s goal is to coordinate/provide high quality M&R assistance to the best of our ability, in order to properly maintain our mutual property and minimize costs (keep those Condo Fees low!) by maximizing our resources to everyone’s benefit. All assistance for non-Association elements is on a voluntary basis and may be refused by the Unit Owner. We will endeavor to respond to all M&R issues as soon as is feasible. Thanks for your support!

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